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Have you ever wondered how to sing high notes? It may be much easier to sing high notes than you think!

It is pretty to sing high notes once you have learned the proper singing techniques. If you attempt to sing high notes without having a proper foundation for your voice, you will strain your voice and cause your throat to hurt (I know from experience). It is much like professional baseball players and their at-bat swings. If you watch each player stand up and address the plate, they all have their own distinct routines (some of them wild!), but you will notice the same mechanics inside of those routines. They have the proper weight balance, they address the plate the same way each time, they swing through the baseball, and their swing followthrough allows them the maximum hitting power.

The same can be said with singing and especially singing high notes. While your approach may be different than the other guy, your mechanics need to be the same. One of the main techniques for singing high notes is the need for vocal cord closure (also called vocal cord compression). This technique allows you to strengthen your vocal cords and get that fine-tuned connection to be able to sing the high notes with ease and clarity. You don’t want to be blasting or belting out air to try to hit the high notes – that only pushes your vocal cords apart and can cause significant damage in the long run. You want to be able to control your airflow with good vocal cord compression so that singing high notes are a breeze.

Airflow is also important. Having good breathing techniques can provide a consistent and steady airflow thus producing a consistent and steady sound. This consistent and steady sound is crucial in learning how to sing high notes so that your high notes are not choppy or pitchy but rather smooth and pleasant.

Once you have these things down, it just comes down to practice. Practice practice practice. And if you need some help with practicing, I really encourage you to check out the Singing Success program which has a ton of helpful scales and techniques to make the most out of your vocal practice routines. It also has exercises on singing high notes as well (I love the lip bubbles and the “Nay” exercise).

Remember, never do anything to strain your voice! If you feel like your voice is being strained, it probably is, and you are likely using an improper singing technique. Singing Success has all the tools necessary to give you the proper techniques to allow you to sing high notes with ease. Take regular breaks and practice consistently, and you will be singing those high notes in no time flat!

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