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Singing Success Review
The Singing Success review that you have been waiting for! Welcome to Singing Platform’s most complete Singing Success review on the web.

The Ultimate Singing Success Review

I am a long-time user of Singing Success, and I’m happy to … Continue Reading

how to sing vibrato
Let’s learn how to sing vibrato. Vibrato is simply a very fast variation within a pitch that produces colored tones and beautiful sounds. Vibrato is incredibly beneficial to your voice on the whole because it gives you the ability to … Continue Reading
Digastric Muscle and Singing
The digastric muscle has a tendency to get in the way of singing well, so we need to learn techniques on how to remove it from the singing process.

The digastric muscle is the muscle right up under your mouth. … Continue Reading

Photo by Tom Magliery
Have you ever wondered how to sing high notes? It may be much easier to sing high notes than you think!

It is pretty to sing high notes once you have learned the proper singing techniques. If you attempt to … Continue Reading

Vocal Compression
Vocal compression in singing is the art of “compressing” your vocal cords to add tone and texture to your voice.

Take a moment and think of a running water hose. Assuming there is no hindrance anywhere on the hose or … Continue Reading